New Book! Unity 2017 2D Game Development Projects

There here, there, everywhere. Games are the way we find refuge among the daily grind, where we create memories with friends and family, and where we get to experience worlds full of possibilities that use to exist only within our imagination! Timeless and popular, 2D games represent a substantial segment of the games market, especially when it comes to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Over the last decade, the Unity engine has revolutionized the gaming industry. Not only has it provided a way for anyone regardless of skill level to make games, but it has allowed game developers to create high-quality games on a budget.

Have you ever wanted to start making games but don’t know how to or feel overwhelmed about where to start, what to know or should know before diving into the world of Unity? Well, look no further. If you are looking for a guide to create 2D games using Unity 2017, you can. With this book, you will learn all the essentials of 2D game development by creating three epic games in a step-by-step manner throughout the course of this book. Not only this, you will also learn about the fundamentals of game design, as well as ways to develop your game for mobile devices.

The book covers the development of three basic and traditional 2D games. The first game, in a Pac-Man style gameplay, will have you (as an Angel) collecting as many cakes as possible. The second will transport you to outer space to traverse as far as possible while avoiding enemy spaceships, much like the nostalgic game Asteroids. The last game will have you running and jumping across platforms to collect coins and other exotic items as if you were Mario himself!

Throughout all these three games, you will create characters, make them move, and create some enemies. And then, of course, write code to destroy them! But with great power comes great responsibility! After showing you the necessities of creating a game, this book will then help you to port the game to a mobile platform, and provide a path to publish it in the stores. So come and join your fellow game designers on a journey into crafting exciting, enjoyable, and most importantly engaging experiences for everyone to enjoy!

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Gamification with Unity 5.x available now!

I have been luckily enough to have been asked by Packt Publishing almost a year ago to write a book that combines my knowledge of Gamification and how it can be implemented within Unity. It has been quite a journey and I spent a lot of time ensuring that the book was made for anyone from beginner to expert, as it guided you through the entire game design process.

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Ani full version!

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