Communication Technology

When you look at the primitive yet sophisticated hieroglyphics to the use of smoke signals, carrier pigeons all the way to the present with that of Twitter and Facebook. Communication technology has become more quick, integrated and pertinent within our lives to the point where it has become ubiquitous.

It makes you wonder whether or not the evolution of technology has stunted development or improved it. With the current generations tweeting or rather documenting their lives and reiterating others, at what point does it become less of an intellectual development and more of a plateau?

Is too much time spent tweeting, posting updates when it could be spent creating, developing or making things.

Is this social communication vital in the development of generations to come. Have we become a highly technological generation to the point where we have stunted ourselves with its abilities and ease of access? With the amount of minutes, even hours spent on social networking platforms each day it must impact to some extent the development of something. Maybe social networking spreads news at such a rate to inform the world about something and as a result it creates avid discussion cross continent that development occurs in a far more meticulous and refined way?

Rather than news being sought by an individual the way in which we can subscribe to systems whether it’s Twitter, RSS feeds, eMail notifications; news now comes to us. We receive it, view it, judge it, comment and even share it to a/our wider network creating an exponential steam – an influx of media that our extended networks will then repeat the same process until which point it peters out and is replaced by more relevant and pressing information.

The complexities of social networking’s role in generational development, even in accordance to the Flynn Effect is rather interesting to observe and examine. In some respect it has motivated me to really delve into the subject to learn more about it from and for an academic perspective.

I am not holding what can be a likened to an Adorno view in the sense that technology will make us stupid and that conforming has a negative outcome. But rather questioning as to how social networking and communication technology in general improves development, albeit intellectual or productivity.

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