And so the adventure continues…

So in just under a couple of weeks, I will heading off to Germany to work and research in the exciting new GEElab Europe office. I am extremely excited about heading there and catching up with the Europe GEElaburnians. A couple of weeks later I am then off to the wonderful city of Paris to present my paper in the CHI 2013 Designing Gamification Workshop with three other colleges who are also presenting theirs. It is going to be a great opportunity to meet people from a range of different areas of research with different perspectives, especially during the conference, which I am lucky enough to attending for the whole duration.

Over the last month things have been incredibly busy but also exciting. My research has transformed considerably over the last couple of weeks than what it was about a month ago. This is very promising and exciting. At the moment, I see research like an object hidden underneath a knitted cover. You see little bits of threads hanging out and a curious mind tugs at them, some will reveal more of this hidden object, others will only take you so far, but eventually you will pull them all to remove this cover and to reveal something which informs everything up until that point. This is only the beginning of my journey, it might sound philosophical but either way, I am absolutely loving the ride so far. Reading and writing material can be dry and at some points long and yes this is what any researcher can expect, but the magical thing happens when you’re reading and you slowly discover a connection, parallels, contradictions, contrasts and that triggers your curiosity. It’s what, at least, I live for and love about researching. It’s exciting to think, to learn, to be curious, it makes life colourful.

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