CHI 2013 – Gamification Workshop

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to go to Paris, France to participate in the Gamification Workshop. It was a fantastic experience where I was I was able to meet lots of interesting people with interests in the area of gamification. It was a one day workshop lead by Sebastian Deterding and featured a series of small and intense projects that got encouraged us to collaborate amongst each other. What was very insightful was the diversity of participants. There were people ranging from business to enterprise and innovation as well as those working specifically in the game field. I think that it just goes to show you that you cannot limit yourself to involving one explicit mindset within such a developing area. When you have gamification entering the streams of business, education and, health and wellbeing you have to be open-minded. I think that was even more prevalent as our discussions among various topics broke up when discussing cognitive strategies and effective uses of gamified technologies in the attempt to assist individuals with personal issues.

Papers from the workshop can be found here and my submission can be located here.

There is also an article on the GEElab website here.

Overall the conference was an interesting and exciting experience to be a part of, with a great turn out of almost 3000 people.

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