Get your Game On for Wednesdays!

Life is full of things we absolutely love and cannot get enough of and it is also full of things that we absolutely hate and would rather not do at all. However, there are ways that we can use to cut back on life’s guilty pleasures and ways to get ourselves motivated.

While we try to understand how to get others motivated to do a number of things we can probably also learn a bit about ourselves in quiet contemplation about why we do what we do or why we don’t. Every Wednesday will feature a new post, where even the saying if you can do it, doesn’t mean you should is completely thrown out the window. I will (attempt) to gamify literally ANYTHING. Feel free to make suggestions with the hashtag #weeklyGAW or tweet to me (@R3nza) with your details and I  will choose a topic each week to gamify.

This is a fun project and might be considered a little tongue-in-cheek, however, this is for a number of reasons; mainly to show you that you can indeed gamify anything and to also show that it is not necessarily a good idea or required.

I can’t promise it will be good, or even bad, but the main thing is to enjoy it and get involved. Also, if you actually end up implementing any of these suggestions in real life, post them along with the same hashtag and I will feature them on the site in the following week.

To get you started next Wednesday will feature something to do with binge watching, so stay tuned.

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