Dev Diary 1 – Ani

Hi everyone, today we begin by developing an application that will be part of perfekt.ID.

Based on the results of the secondary survey that was conducted as part of the same research, it revealed a number of interesting things (soon to be published!). Therefore, I thought that a great way to implement these findings into something more useful would be to develop an application that will help to inform the choices of games based on a number of factors…well six in total. During this process, I thought that it would be a great idea to also document the process of creating the application. With the help of Francesco Sapio (a very talented Unity programmer and software engineer), we will tell the story of Ani.

For those wondering, Ani is short for Anima – a Latin term for the soul. Ani is hoped to become somewhat alive…a friendly companion to accompany you and to make suggestions to you when you need them most. Especially those with extensive Steam games list, which we are all guilty for, perhaps it may even help us make better decisions about what to spend our money on.

Here are some early development sketches of the prototype application. Enjoy

IMG20160119184052 - Copy IMG20160119184118 - Copy IMG20160119184005 - Copy

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