Dev Diary 2 – Ani

As the concepts develop and the ideas about what Ani is to become, we have experimented with many different types of UI’s.

We started first with a minimal feel. This was the initial concept, but it took too much time before it reached the final goal…to make recommendations. While “Ani” is supposed to be a companion, at this stage it doesn’t quite develop a meaningful relationship with you. Mainly because, the amount of time that you spend interacting with it, is quite minimal.


We took this concept and then made a quick mock up in Unity.

Senza titolo-1 2 3
When the user first opens “Ani” After the user has entered his/her name. They are asked to indicate how much time that they wish to play a game. They are then asked if they prefer mobile games or not.
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The user is then asked if they would like to pay for the game or not. Then they are asked what mood they are in to play games (e.g to play competitive or social games?). Then example games are revealed based on all this criteria.

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