Dev Diary 3 – Ani

We began to develop something that felt a bit more

Then as we referred to the initial concepts, the idea began to grow into a more into something that required more interaction.







After playing around with the idea, it became clear that in order to fit everything easily onto the screen at any one time, was going to become overwhelming not to mention difficult to use. In most cases we tested using only one hand. If navigating the UI was difficult in this way, then we would re-evaluate the design. The main reason for this was based on my own experiences. For example, when you’re travelling via public transport and you’re often stuck between people, so your rage of mobility is limited. So let’s say or instance, you want to be able to get a suggestion of game to buy or download once you have time, or near a shop, you can do it easily. If you can’t imagine yourself in this situation, there may be a time when you’re holding a nice cold beverage in one hand and the phone in the other…the bottom line…the easier to use, the more streamline the experience…in theory. Of course, we are yet to test the functionality with a group of people. But we will wait until we have a stable release before doing that. One that preferably has the real database set up, rather than the test one that we are currently using. I don’t think I have seen Test GameĀ released yet…bo! Who knows!

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