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Thank you for showing interest in being a part of this research. This post will outline how to use Ani and what it’s designed to do. Then you can choose whether or not you want to be a part, the choice is entirely up to you!

Ani is a game recommendation system that provides you with game recommendations based on some criteria, such as platform, genre and what kind of components are in games.

All you need to do is install the application, use it for one week, then fill out the survey. The survey will appear after the one week and will ask you about your experience. More specific information can be found in participant consent information form (PCIF).

Lastly, unfortunately, there is no iOS version, if you have an iOS device, we recommend that you use Ani – Web Version (Firefox, Safari, IE and Opera only)
Note: You will need to install the Unity Web player if you haven’t already.

Many thanks in advance!


To participate

Before you download and use Ani please make sure that you have done the following:

  • Read the participant consent information form (PCIF).
  • You are voluntarily engaging in this survey and will not receive any form of reimbursement.
  • By installing the application Ani on your phone, You do so at your own risk.
  • You agree to the terms of using the application by accepting the PCIF.
  • [IMPORTANT] By accepting the terms of the participant consent information form, downloading and using Ani, you are providing consent to participate in this research.

Download Ani – Android Version (~18mb)

Ani – Web Version (Firefox, Safari, IE and Opera only)

Scroll down to see how to use Ani.


Installing Ani  – on Android Devices

Once you have downloaded the .apk file to your phone you will need to install it. Since the .apk is not as part of the Google App store (it will be once the final version is released), you may get some warning notifications.

First, locate the .apk file on your phone. It should be located in Files > Installers > APK’s.

In there you should find a file called AniAlpha.apk (AniAlpha_v1.0.apk was used for testing purposes)


Then begin to install Ani.Screenshot_2016-01-20-14-20-56

During the installation process, you will a warning dialogue will appear. As mentioned before, this is because you are not downloading/installing Ani directly from the app store. To proceed, you must click Allow. 


Ani requires some access because it communicates with the database, otherwise, you won’t see any games in your list.


Then you will be required to allow Google to regular check for security issues, it’s up to you which option you want to pick.




Then voila! Ani is installed and ready to use!


Using Ani is simple. 

First when you download and install the application you will be greeted with a welcome screen. You must choose to enter a username (this will come in handy later if you want to get the final commercial version). Screenshot_2016-01-20-15-12-40

The username must be 3-8 characters log and contain no spaces.





Once you have chosen a username you will be able to start searching through games. It is important at this point, that you keep in mind that this is a Research Edition so some filtering options may only return a few options, others may return a lot. ALSO, it only returns a very limited list. There may be games that you have, or never heard.

Each of the Element Factors: competitive, communal and commitment are each associated with various game elements (e.g. leaderboard, avatar, experience points, etc.).

Each of the Mechanics Factors: strategist, creator, entrepreneur are each associated with various game mechanics (e.g. trading, winning, exploring etc.).

Note: If you press each factor, a list will appear that will give you a description for each one.


Once you have entered the parameters that suit your desire to game, a list will be displayed. From this point, what you do with that list is up to you. You can pick games that you own, to play; you could also search new games that you are unfamiliar with. In theory, this requires a bit of work on your end, but if the games do work out to be enjoyable, then Ani has done its job! Which really, at the end of the day is what we are trying to know. Lastly, you can rate how accurate these games are based on your selection criteria, by selecting one of three options – Like | Neutral | Don’t Like

One thought on “Make me a test subject! – Ani testing info”

  1. Great Idea, doesn’t seem to work on the Galaxy S6 unfortunately. Just get a black screen. When it does open though, It stays on the first screen and none of the buttons work.

    Also, a suggestion of mine is to possibly put in some more topics? eg: Rogue-like, first/third person, top down, isometric, twin-stick, controller compatible, local/couch multi-player, casual, survival, open world, linear story, party, horror, arcade, indie. I know it’s a lot, but as we have plenty of games similar to “The Binding of Isaac” (which would be labled under “twin-stick rogue-like, indie action shooter, with controller compatibility.” even a simplified version of these would be great!

    In essence, I really hope you can get this app working for my phone, It would come in handy!

    Keep up the good work!

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