Ani full version!

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has participated.
I have one last favour to ask. It would be great if you could fill out this survey and let me know about your experiences.

If you wanted to still give the app a go, you can try it out today/tomorrow and then fill out the survey. Any and all help would be great!
All your feedback, comments, experiences are extremely valuable to my research and I greatly appreciate the time that you have taken to be a part of this project.

For all those who have tested Ani AND completed the survey, you will get full access to the full version by entering your username and ANI2016 (e.g. gamerzANI2016). Given that we are a little while away from the full version, keep up to date and be the first to know when the app is released by subscribing to the ANI mailing list here

Dev Diary 6 – Ani

Hooray! The database has now been completed!! It’s taken quite a while, to also check to make sure everything has been entered correctly, and that it’s appearing in the database correctly (and in Ani). So now we’re going through adding the final touches and making sure that everything is talking to each other (Ani to Parse) etc.. Then we will run through the final testing to make sure everything is working well. Also, during this time, we began to add final dialogues and error messages.

At this point, the UI also went through a slight aesthetic change. During preliminary testing, we received feedback about making it more distinguishable between each of the criteria categories. So as a result, we added coloured highlights for each item in each of the categories.







Old and New version of Ani.

Dev Diary 5 – Ani

Now that we set up the database (well as far as the “data in a spreadsheet” goes, we needed to add the entries into the actual database in Parse.

So we developed “Ani – Development” development version – or Ani Dev. The Ani Dev allowed up to put the entries into the database fast and to also keep control.

It’s simple really, the Ani Dev version also features a check to make sure that there are no duplicate entries. For instance, I start adding entries in the morning and then have a cup of tea and then forget where I was, I can check (a) how many games have been added and (b) if the game I am about to add already is in the database. Continue reading Dev Diary 5 – Ani