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Gamification Consulting and Services

I offer gamification consultation in many areas and are available for workshops and lectures both local and internationally.

Speaking Topics

Personalised Gamification

What does it mean to personalised a gamification experience and how can it be used ? We are individuals and we should be treated like one. That is why it is important to acknowledge and understand how we are motivated and engaged in order to sustain longterm satisfaction. Looking deeper at what defines us, makes us who we are are and how to use this information for good, is important in designing truly authentic and genuine personalised gamified experiences.

Gamification in Education and Learning

Looking beyond points, badges and achievements, it is important to know that learning can be different for each individual and that a one size fits all approach isn’t necessarily the answer. I look at how gamification can be used in ways that turn away from just reinforcing good behaviour and explore way in which gamification can be implemented into education and learning to increase and sustain long term change and development.

Gamification in Professional Development

Things change and that is why it is important to maintain constant professional development and to keep on top of the elements within our careers that are evolving and developing. Sometimes this can be a daunting task and often hard to keep motivated. Gamified interventions can often make these tasks more enjoyable and manageable and provide a more engaging pathway for professional development both for the individual and among employees.


Consultation Areas

Learning and Education

Whether you’re looking at gamifying timetables or higher education submissions, there are many approaches that can be taken to implement gamification into learning and education. It doesn’t have to be just about badges and achievements, but looking at developing a much deeper connection between the individual and content, while at the same time providing high levels of enjoyment and engagement.

Professional Development

Developing yourself within the workplace doesn’t have to necessarily follow procedures and manuals. Enjoyable and effective ways to encourage professional development, personal growth and a wider understanding of work-place knowhow can be an enjoyable process.

Business/Workplace Gamification

Being in a workplace can be numb and tiring if you’re not enjoying what you do. Finding a way to make mundane tasks more enjoyable and break the routine and schedule is often as simple as incorporating a few simple game elements. Often it is the smallest interventions that make the biggest impact and generate a much more livid working experience while boosting employer and employee relationships and morale.

Health and Lifestyle

It can often be hard to break bad habits, let alone stay motivated long enough to see change. We are all motivated in different ways and we all have different reasons for wanting to be healthier or implement change in our lifestyle. Whether you’re a competitive individual or more progressed inclined. There is a gamified approach to suit your own personal needs.

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